The Petal Plan Flower Care Guide


So, your flowers have been delivered, you've dug out your favourite vase and you've got your eye on the perfect spot to show them off. Now you want to keep your flowers looking fresh and fabulous.

Here are our tips for keeping your flowers looking bloomin' great!

To start, carefully remove any outer packaging from your flowers. Your hand-tied flower arrangement will be secured with some string or elastic, remember to keep this string intact (for now at least).


Ok, maybe sculpting sounds a little excessive. However, you will want a sharp, clean pair of scissors to cut the ends of each stem roughly 2-3cm from the base. Cut on an angle to give the flowers more surface area to take in water.


You heard right! (No razors here though please). Remove any leaves on the stems below your vase waterline. This will help prevent leaf decay and keep the water fresh.


Sounds obvious, but it really helps to add plenty of water and to keep it fresh. Change the water every 2-3 days, and while you're at it give the base of the stems another small trim to help keep them from getting clogged.

Different flower varieties will have different life spans, so as you change the water try and remove any particularly sad looking flower stems; this will help keep the rest of your stems looking fresher for longer!


You're now pretty much good to go; add your flowers to the vase. If you want to keep the structure of your arrangement as it is then leave the string in place. If you want to loosen the arrangement so the flowers spread out in the vase then go ahead and cut the string.

It's time to go and try out that spot you had in mind... although try and make sure that you keep your flowers out of direct light and away from any radiators.

Now, step back, admire your handiwork and most importantly, enjoy your fresh flowers!