About Us

What is Petal Plan?

By sending flowers with Petal Plan, you are sending them the thoughtful way. We are an online floral delivery service which sources beautiful flowers from the best florists and delivers them at a time that suits the recipient.

Simplified ordering process

Hand-picked boutique florist partners

Receiver chooses convenient delivery

Our Story

Every idea starts with a problem. Here’s our story…
When our friends got engaged, they received loads of flowers from friends and families to congratulate them. They were grateful that so many people had been thinking of them, but they didn’t have enough vases, there were too many bunches to keep in their small flat at once, and they were going on holiday a couple of days later. The result? A flat full of wilted, sad looking flowers to come home to. If only the flowers had come when they were back from holiday, they thought. If only they could have had a bunch a week for weeks on end…
The solution? It’s simple. Let the person receiving the flowers choose when they want them.

We aren’t flower industry experts, we are just ordinary people who love giving and receiving flowers, like you. Our approach is simple, we make ordering flowers easy and receiving them even easier.